Lesbian Porn Is Like Having A Virtual Menage Et Trois

Erotica is at the pinnacle of sensuality, when it comes to lesbian porn stars and videos. When two women get together in cunningly and sexual congress, only the lust of the ancient goddesses can compare. There is heat and passion, but also pussy, clits and orgasmic waves no man could conjure. Fucking is outdone by the sheer idea that two girls pounding one another makes into magical lust. That is why people love watching lesbian porn – that and nothing is as sexy as double the hot babes rubbing each other all over, licking each other with ravenous hunger and doing things that only the female body can do to another woman in bed.

Lesbian porn offers some of the hottest sex scenes available today. because there are some things that just look better with tits and ass, like a strap on. Nothing else compares to a buxom babe pounding another girl in her pussy with a strap on or double headed dildo. This was why mankind invented the electric battery cell, so that women could give each other a non-stop hard pounding, and never be worried about going limp. Even when they suck on a strap on, most porn stars look more in character than they do with a live cock down their throat.

Not all women are lesbians in real life, but for the right role and the right amount of cash, porn stars seem to swing both ways willingly. Able bodied and reading the minds of fans everywhere, that is what lesbian porn does that makes art out of erotica. Stars like Jenna Jameson and Lexi Belle have shown that eating pussy is all it takes to make their DVD sales skyrocket. Fingering themselves is fine for that solo girlie scene and for men who want to jack off alone. But lesbian porn brings the wider audience of men, women, straight and gay, even couples love watching lesbian pornography. Video downloads of strap on, lesbian sex and girl on girl action are as popular today as blowjobs and anal sex have been throughout the industry.

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